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Originally Posted by CanadianMomma View Post
I have the ergo carrier. My first daughter wasn't a fan but we didn't get it until she was around 6 months and she preferred being in our hiker at that point. We just spent the day at a teddy bear picnic today with my 8 day old in the ergo, she was very content. I found it super easy to put on and take off on my own.

I've got a question for everyone; how long did you notice your weight steadily going down for after birth? I had lost about 10lbs the day after (baby was 8 lbs 7 oz) and since then I've gone down another 8 or so. I was wondering how much longer I can watch the scale move so easily lol. I didn't pay any attention after my first pregnancy and have no clue what to expect.
my weight went down steadiy until about 2 weeks ago, i'm 4 weeks PP. I was 232 going in to have the baby and I'm 210 now. It has stopped but I've been having issues with it seems my milk supply. I'm EBF and I started watching my cals at 2 weeks PP, around the time my weighloss slowed. I lost a pound that firsrt week but i notice that i'm still hungry. Anyway i already posted about it in another thread. I can say that when I formula fed my oldest son, the weight just kept coming off, but when I BF my second son, not a pound moved until he weaned. Are you BFing or FFing? Some women lose with bf, some don't.

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