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Originally Posted by SoMuchFattitude View Post
Yes, some people don't react well to artificial sweeteners. I cut out fake sugar about two months ago and feel a lot better without it. That means no diet soda, no splenda, no sweet n low, none of the blue packet stuff. I'm only using one packet of Truvia in the morning, which is all natural. I feel significantly better not eating all the fake sugar and I've noticed I don't crave sweets like I did when I was eating all the fake sugar.
I dont know how I lost inches in the last week but not the 2 pounds. At first I thought it was ovulation and water retention..but now Im starting to think its either diet pop or the sweetener I put in my coffee in the morning. I dont drink lots of pop, maybe a can..and also my salt intake isnt high..I cut out sugar about a month ago and started using honey in my coffees, but the only thing is that its like 2 points per tablespoon...Maybe I will start sticking to honey instead.

Today I am going to pretend I am plateauing... I am having my dinner at lunch and my lunch at dinner. I also had a 8 point breakfast instead of a 4 point like usual. ARRRGGGHHH I really hope Im not plateauing ... I dreaded this moment.

Another thing I dont get is that 5 days ago I noticed that I was accidentally counting my lunch as 6 points when really it should have been I adjusted it to the proper points..technically I should have lost because I made a 1 point difference in my diet. Instead of 26 points per day I was eating 27 this whole time!!

Yes I am rambling lol sorry!
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