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Originally Posted by TofuSprinkles View Post
So I've started my weight loss journey about a month and half ago. It's been going quite well, but I now face a new problem.

My wardrobe.

Clothing wise, not a big problem. But shoes...!

My feet has changed from a 7.5/8 to a 7/6.5. No matter how much I stuff or put little pads at the back of my old large selection of shoes, it does not fit properly, so walking is really uncomfortable. I never anticipated that your feet would actually change sizes when you lose weight, so I am now stuck with a ton of shoes in sizes I cannot wear. I've got about 40 more lbs to go to my goal, and I'm assuming this will happen again.

So at this point, should I purchase more shoes, or should I figure out a way to stuff the shoes I have now and make it fit some how...? I do need nice shoes for work as well as client visits. In addition a wedding in Feb. How do you guys handle this problem?
First of all congratulations. Secondly-your feet must have had fat on them too--otherwise you wouldn't be having to buy new shoes--so congratulations on that too.

As far as your foot bone structure and tendons--they don't shrink, if anything they grow with age. You're just probably looking at your true foot size--before you gained all the weight.

If it were me--I would be dancing all the way to the shoe store for more shoes ha.ha. Just go buy some comfortable shoes that you can wear most of the time--and get down to your goal weight--then do some serious shopping for others if you want them?

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