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((((Faye)))), so glad to hear Jack is doing much better. I'm still sending prayers for a minimal amount of heart damage and that you may have many more years together. He is lucky to have had this happen when you were around to call for help! Blessings to you and your family.

Jenifer I had a bad day eating on Sunday (hubby made me do it ! ) and as a result the scale shows a 2 lb gain...I just started my TOM so I'm hoping it's more from water retention than from actual ing out! I can dream can't I? At least it'll be almost over and done with by the time I leave for my trip on Saturday!!! Drinking lots of water and eating lots of veggies before my next WI on Friday morning...

Cristi, thanks for helping keep this thread alive! How's your day shaping up? A new year's challenge? I just might come over and check it out. I'm doing a xmas challenge right now on the WW thread but it doesn't hurt to have more than one going on.

Kristen, thanks for the offer of recipes. I especially like the dessert ones, you know, like cakes or sweets. Hmmm, maybe that's what caused me to get fat in the first place!

Hi Janine! and hi to anyone else I may have missed.
I've got to get back to work. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

p.s. 4 more days then I'm Bangkok bound

Edit 9:16 pm: Walked 3.5 miles tonight!
November Miles Walked: 11.2
Noelle(Back on WW 9/24/07)

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