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Default Resuming exercise after baby

So I promised myself I would start working out 2 weeks post partm. I was told nothing strenuous before then because I had some abnormal bleeding and was pretty anemic.

Anyway I walked twice last week, 20something minutes on my treadmill, but the next day a 1.5 mile walk outside. After that I was severly sore in my hips again just like right after childbirth. I also had increased bleeding, so I decided to give it another week.

Today I'm 3 weeks post partum and I will be walking agian tomorrow. I'm hoping to do 3 days a week, but I'm hopimg to feel up to it this time.

I read some women are running races like 6 weeks post partum...seriously even without my insane weight gain, I would not be running anything 3 weeks from now!

When did you start working out again after baby? How did it go?

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