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Hi Everyone

I am trying to focus on three boxes I pulled out of my box mountain and the first one is just a minefield. Full of family history. I have pulled some stuff from it for the donate pile, but have had my nose in a full-to-bursting manilla envelope of letters between my parents right after I was born and right after my mother left my father and left me with her parents, which is where I grew up, as I never did go back with my family. These letters are all from that time. I remember grabbing the envelope when we moved my mom into the nursing home but i thought it was correspondance my grandmother made not my mom. So I really need to refocus. Only 1/4 into box #1.

I will set these aside for reading tonight, as much as I can take, and am now going back to the boxes to sort. I am hoping to condense the boxes as I will not find homes for this stuff yet, but if I can reduce my overall pile, that would be progress--thanks to Lexxiss for suggesting this strategy to me.

My first goal is to have a functional eating space/dining room where my mother and I can share a meal.

1. old clutter--three boxes from Box Mountain a) sorted & b) re-boxed if necessary
DONE two boxes broken down for recycling+packing materials - all box conents put away - not perfectly, but put away- one box pull for donation credit

2. current clutter - clear off tables in the living room: 2 end tables, coffee table

3. clean- dishes in the sink and stovetop+ tiny counter beside it so I can fix dinner.
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