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Hello Feathers,

So much has been going on. First of all, I made it down to 137.2 lbs a couple of times, with 137.0 lbs being my lowest weight since 2011, which means I have considered myself out of the 140s. I've been eating enough of the right food and I try not to restrict myself when it comes to sweets. So far it's been working very well for me. Also, I've been exercising with our weights at home. Luckily, we own enough heavy barbells! I made stretching part of my exercise routine (wanna be able to do a split one day, HAH!) and I go for the occasional jog (need to work on that..).

DH and I celebrated our first anniversary on Saturday We went to a breakfast buffet, BOY DID I EAT A LOT! - croissants with Nutella, pancakes with cherries, rolls, cereal, scrambled eggs, bacon, vanilla pudding, mmhmm, I know! It was delicioso though And then we had dinner at a fancy Greek restaurant. It was awesome! Unfortunately, I forgot to take my birth control pill that night. I noticed on Sunday night when I was about to take the BCP for that day, so I had to take 2 at the same time. Needless to say, I was having HUGE and I mean HUUUGEEE cravings on Monday. I managed to stay strong until we went grocery shopping. I picked up so much junk food and continued to eat rolls with Nutella and jam and coconut macaroons at home. TMI - I was bleeding that morning and felt really bloated.

My weight went back up to 142.2 lbs this morning which obviously comes from all the food sitting in my belly plus no BM plus feeling bloated, still. I told myself, I have to stay OP today! I can't screw everything up now that I've been doing so well. One of my goals is to make it to 136 lbs before the month ends and I won't get there if I continue to gobble down so much sugary stuff. So, even though I had cravings again, I managed to eat well and workout. The cravings went away while I was eating lunch after work and I was very thankful for that.

I'm hoping to get back down to <140 lbs soon. I despise the 140s!


I have read up on everyone and will catch up with personals soon. I have to get up at 4am so I'm gonna eat a little post-workout meal, hop in the shower and then it's time to get some sleep.


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