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Good morning ladies. I have a few minutes before heading out to the hospital so I wanted to get a post on.

No phone calls from the hospital last night, so I am breathing a little easier. I know day by day it will get less stressful for me. I am still tired a little as I only got about 5 hours sleep, but I will try and take rest breaks throughout the day until Jack gets moved into a regular room.

Just wanted you to know you are all doing terrific with your programs and I want you to do even better. When you grab for that HOHO or keep your butt in the chair when you know you should be exercising, just think about Jack and know YOU do not want to do that to yourself or your family. Remember, we thought Jack was totally healthy! We need to get tough with ourselves ladies and quit kittyfooting around about losing this weight. It is important to all aspects of our life. I am ridding my home of all such foods (there isn't much but still high fat boxed foods for Jack) and making my home a healthy environment for the both of us!

I will try and peek in later.

Hope you all have a spectacular day. It is going to be sunny and 80 here today!

Love and hugs to you all!

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