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Hi Beth, onebyone, Ann(Newlifestyle), Bandit2, and Ruth!

I suppose to a few of you I have been noticeably absent here. I have good news to share. Since our Spring challenge ended on June 21 I have kept going every single day. I kept going doing what worked for me (aligned with Beck principles);
I made a plan every day and did it "no choice". The result was I found it far less daunting and overwhelming when I just took a baby step but did it every day. The built up results have been remarkable.
My plan has continued to be my 1-2-3 dance (taken fromflylady)
Everyday I dedicate a short time (usually less than 1/2 hour)
1. old clutter
2. current clutter
3. clean(something).

It has been one of the most gratifying times of my life. Routine in one area of my life has helped with routine in other areas of my life. As my environment has become less cluttered and cleaner through a daily routine I find my exercise and food plan has become less cluttered and "more routine".

The other day I finally made a decision to switch out my "house dress". I live a block from my 92 yr.old mom and it's not uncommon for her to call me at 6am or 10pm to run over and do something for her. I got into the habit of the "housedress". Something I could wear to work at to the store...or walk down the street in. My old was a Nordstrom/shirt dress(cotton) with side and top pockets. It was way too big (which was ok) and totally worn out...with holes underarms, etc(which was not ok). I opened my closet and pulled out a beautiful maroon EddieBauer/velvetshirtdress (from a thrift store) which was too long and had no pockets(and used to be too small).
Wow! Clean office....I had the vision and could pull out the sewing machine/supplies....bring it to the right length, hem the sleeves AND I cut the pockets out of the old dress and inserted them into the new. This was so exciting to me and happened as a result of my persistence with my daily chores. I've been wearing it daily since I fixed it Sunday morning and I feel comfy. The old one was pretty outdated and kind of reflected the "old me".

Anyway.....I am in maintenance! My home is in order and my decluttering "projects" are very few. Mostly, my decluttering now comes one item at a time as I see something that no longer fits/or serves my purpose. I do keep a box downstairs AT ALL TIMES and when I find something I no longer need it goes right into the box.

My big "project" right now continues to be the renovation of my grandmother's tiny house. The water/sewer lines were finally finished 2 weeks ago and we're mostly waiting for our contractor friends to be freed up. While we're waiting I'm trying to do a few fun things, too, remembering how hard I have worked to get to this point.

I'll pop in from time to time but I have an internet issue these days which makes it a little difficult to get to 3fc when I have personal time....

Best wishes everyone!

Originally Posted by onebyone View Post
What do you want to tackle as we head to 2014?
I'll think on that one. I know I'd like to have the renovation complete and the house rented but there are some issues there beyond my control. I will do my best.

I guess my greatest joy would be to continue to maintain my home as I have learned and learn to enjoy and better organize the space I have freed up

PS RuthXX, I am going to clean out my car TODAY!
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