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DH preempted my plan to work on DD's room to work in the garage, and we got a lot done, but it's in the "tear it apart to put it back together" stage.

We totally emptied off two shelf units (which are being re-purposed to the basement "warehouse"), and have two new (shallower and taller) shelf units put together. There's one more for the back wall, and then two for the side wall that aren't assembled yet.

There is stuff all over the place, but once we get the shelf units put together and attached to the wall we can start putting things back--in an organized fashion. I want the things we use most to be the things that are easiest to get to!

DH has put things aside for moving to the basement (collection of antique tools, collection of old meters--that sort of thing). The two shelves on the side wall will be reserved for his Model T stuff--old iron, engine parts, specialized tools--all that sort of thing. That will help a lot, because the meters took up a 4' long, 2' deep shelf that I could actually reach, rather than being in 'collection' space.

I feel good about our progress even if it's currently a mess.
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