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1,500 to 1,600 calories. Are you a female or a male, how tall, ect.,

I think 1,500 calories are enough to keep your heart and lungs going, but is it actually giving you sufficient energy to "work" and do any physical activity? If now, I could see why you would have sugar cravings. You are starving.

One thing that has always confused me is whether you calculate your calorie needs from where you are (overweight) or for your idea weight (what you would need if you weighed your perfect weight). For me, I need about 2,500 calories if I wanted to remain overweight, and I would need 2000 calories if I wanted a smaller body. If I eat 2,500 calories, I will stay fat. If I eat 2000 calories, I will lose weight and go down to where I need to be.

1,500 calories does not sound like much more than a young child would need, or maybe a 98 pound woman.

Maybe this is the cause of your hunger?
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