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The book the "Complete Tightwad Gazette" (a compilation of the author's frugal living newsletter) did a cost analysis of homemade bread vs. Commercial bread. The author even calculated the cost of running her oven. As I remember the author's description , she found popular brands way more expensive than homemade, but that compared to store brand bread, homemade bread was only marginally cheaper, but her family ate far more because it it tasted much better and was harder to slice thinly and it spoiled faster.

I can attest to homemade bread molding within only a few days, being difficult to cut thinly and being so yummy that one thick slice (about 2 ounces and 160 calories or more) is never enough (and it always needs real, softened butter......mmmmmmm).

Yeah for me, homemade bread is not cost-effective for my budget or my waistline. For me, no bread is cost effective because gluten-free breads mold even more quickly (with a scary neon yellow mold), are even harder to slice and generally don't taste very good.

If I'm dying for a sandwhich, I'll make a tortilla or crepe/pancake from gluten-free flour and water or coconut flour, eggs, and water, or from protein powder, water, and instant potatoes.

Yeast-free flatbread (like tortillas) are the most economical and easiest, but you still have the "too yummy" problem.
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