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Bargoo, it's good to hear from you.

Is there any local org to help women with selecting a wig, or maybe someone has set up an informational site online? Because a lot of people have to deal with that, who've had little or no experience with wigs.

(What you need is a drag queen friend, like RuPaul.)

If I were in your area, I'd go with you, --or at the least, hang out with you on your couch. We wouldn't talk, we'd just watch TV together. I'm not an HSN & QVC watcher but I am an eBay addict who always checks eBay before buying something elsewhere -- if eBay were a basic cable channel, I'd be in trouble.

On the food, maybe forget about taste and go for texture, like ice cream and milkshakes. The blender could come in handy.

I'm glad when you check in.
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