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Oh Dora, that is so wonderful!!! I too am all for natural remedies. That is so great that you're out of pain and off medications! Heck, the medications might be one of the reasons you were plateauing?

As for your thoughts on my milk...I'm not sure! I make sure I still get fats in diet (I don't do skim anything). We've started her on food a few months ago, but she is not really a fan, and only eats once or twice a day. She would just rather nurse, lol. She is getting better though, because when we first started, she could only lick at a bite or two. She still has plenty of wet diapers and BM movements, and is a big baby so she seems to be growing well. I think the culprit might actually be new teeth. I noticed yesterday we finally have the two uppers breaking the surface. I'm hoping that is it at least! She does seem satisfied after nursing, but I will pay more attention. I would never put losing weight in front of her health

As for me, I weighed in at 179.4 today!!! I cannot believe it! I can also fit into my new pair of goal pants. Calvin Klein 12x30. That's misses sizing ladies! I've been fitting into other size 12s for a bit, but those were my true I made it officially ones, lol. So feeling pretty darn good today, lol. When I entered my weight in the thread today I realized I've lost 46 pounds in this challenge alone. 70 pounds since I re-started in April (4 months), and 130 pounds total. I am thinking of lowering my goal now to 155...that way I will have lost half of my weight!!!
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