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Today I give thanks for having incredible strength and health. It took all the energy that I had to shift 2 cubic metres of soil today in less than 2.5 hours. It was tough, back breaking stuff and I am glad that it is finished. Not that the garden bed is finished by any means. It's going to be a big garden. But that bit is crossed off the list.
I'm also grateful for where I live. We are at peace - well as much as an Aussie gets to be at peace anyway, we have separation of church and state, so don't have the 'holy' cr*p to put up with, and we have more than enough to eat, clean water to drink and freedom to choose whatever. That doesn't mean I am coming to grips with the politicians and their posturing and taunts. I'd just love it if we could have an election with a modicum of common sense and politeness. Guess that is impossible in this day and age.

Mel - not stuck in the roof space. Our winter temps have reverted to normal this week. cool nights, warm days. Hope you get some relief from these alarms soon.

Annie - glad the washer is going well and you don't have to wash as often as you used to. Be pleased about that, it may reflect on the power bill and also the water bill. When C has finished in your attic, send him over. I have plenty to keep the dear man busy.

Happy - Sunday and Romeo used to do the hiss spit thing. Luckily Romeo is not a lap hogger. This time they got together they just sniffed each other out and went on their separate ways. Only time I heard a bit of hissing and spitting was when Romeo thought he should sleep in Sunday's outdoor hideaway. Maybe try feeding the kitten little and often for the time being. But I guess the vet will sort it.
Never noticed that the wiring gets dried out. Occasionally there can be damage due to vermin, but I have never had the problem. I'm more likely to trip over the spaghetti junction up there and damage me, the ceiling and the wiring. Which is what I am trying to fix by getting up there and putting in some new insulation and a bit of flooring.

Laura - have fun sorting the attic. Maintenance is always ongoing in a house and you can't let the bugs get a hold round here. Hence the need for bugless insulation - or as bugless and I can get it.

Michelle - congratulations on the new job. I gather this is another contract? since you are talking about the possibilities of going permanent. I am so pleased to know that you are having a much better time of it now.

Ceejay - good that you have had some good days at work. It always makes life better.

And so it's time for dinner. I was going to have some chicken and salad, but feel more like just veges now. So I may chuck a potato in the oven and have that instead. Don't really feel like eating right at this moment.
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