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Morning guys,

I'm not sure about doggie gratitude, perhaps to keep things in balance we have kitty woes. The little cat keeps pestering the older cat - she is vying for DH's attention and is a jealous little thing. That causes it's own problems. Older cat is not eating much and is hiding alot. Little cat is still sick - off to the vet she goes. Is making a mess in the litter box, I am feeding her rice and boiled chicken to calm the stomach (not working) she is trying to pick the rice out and is knocking it all over the floor. Then she wolfs her food down and up chucks it. As DH said this morning with a sigh - not a good day to be a cat in this house. I'm sitting here thinking as one of my friends so famously said after she got married for the second time "oh why oh why do I have to go and MESS UP A GOOD THING???? Life was fine, life was settled but oh no, I HAVE to go and introduce complication She's still married by the way but I thought it was just funny the way she deadpanned said that. She and her 3 kids were stay up kind of people and her new hubby was one of those early early to bed kind of people who didn't like noise of any sort once he hit the pillow so it really kind of disrupted their whole household Anyway, today I am feeling like I inadvertently introduced chaos with these cats. Careful what you ask for But we would never return them, we just have to learn to adjust.

I stopped at the shop yesterday to drop off doggie biscuits (yes Ceejay I bake them for donation purposes to the Humane Society). Several emails went out over the last 4 days asking people to bake and yet as of yesterday only one other lady besides me made anything. Oh well, I did my part. I will bake once a week and if they run out of biscuits, I can't do it all myself. And no, I'd never consider selling them on line. Too much work actually. It's about a 4 hour time commitment to make what amounts to about 10 bags with about 36 biscuits each.

Today they are having the annual used book sale from the Friends of the Library. I wanted to go an see if they had any videos or music CDs but I keep telling myself I have 2 boxes of books to read - and I'm not reading any of them right now. I need to stay home and away from there We finally got some rain overnight - a good soaking we sorely need. First time we've gotten some substantial rain in probably 2 months. I noticed that the fire danger rose from low to moderate so the rain will help that situation too. Don't need any wildfires here - especially with the cool weather and inclination of people to start to use firepits again.

Annie - I was thinking of you as I struggled on tip toes to get to the bottom of my washer - sometimes I actually need to grab tongs to get out a stubborn piece that lays flat Sounds like you have much bigger capacity ones but I guess it will be hard to break the habit of near daily washing if that's what you are used to. DH always suggested over the years to do a load a day - I said I never had enough to do that - would rather spend the day washing everything. Although here I do have to break it up over a few days as not to overwhelm the septic system. Isn't it crazy that you have to spend so much in insurance premiums and then have to spend so much out of pocket that you don't want to go to the doctor? I'm sorry to hear that your leg is STILL bothering you. I wonder if you have adjusted your gait because of the pain and it is causing other issues? I find that to be the case sometimes. Hope Sissy gets a green light at the doctor's today.

Mel - how sweet about Pete and his little doggie. I could see the way my Mom lit up watching the kitten's antics that sometimes a pet is good company. And a little dog is just the right speed for someone to walk. Yikes, sounds like the police have their hands full with the senior population in town. But still a better swap than chasing criminals, right? Maybe we have to put chips in those who tend to wander - would make it easier to track them down. Especially if they get disoriented and can't help anyone get them back to where they belong. Do you think autumn will be coming early to your part of town this year also? How are your aches and pains doing?

Shad - I certainly hope you did not get stuck in the attic With as hot as it gets down your way - do you find that you have to replace the wires periodically from extensive drying or does the excessive humidity take care of that? I say that because down south where I was, the attics got intensely hot - so much so that you could not really store anything in them - it would literally bake and get ruined. One would have to install drywall and a good vent fan if you actually wanted useful storage. I imagine it might be the same by you.

It's pouring outside - God's way of saying I don't need to go to the Friends of the Library sale.

Ceejay - I wanted to say how nice it is of you to go visit your uncles the way that you do. My Mom and I were talking the other night and we both commented on how the older set doesn't hear much from the nieces and grandchildren the way that we were brought up to do. The old excuse "oh they are busy and have their own lives" is just a poor excuse in my mind. I wrote to DH's aunts on a regular basis and called my Mom's sisters too. She said it was really nice to hear from people so I'm sure your uncles appreciate you.

Hello Laura (who is probably typing now) and Chelle getting ready for a new work week. Will catch up with you later.
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