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wow. your post brings up a lot of questions. and believe me, i wish i had some answers. My first question: did your doc tell you if you were desaturating? that's a really REALLY important thing to know. the only thing that the arousal index tells us is that you become almost awake a lot. and there are MANY more reasons for it than you've listed.

Also, what medication did your doc give you? and why did he give it to you?

IN GENERAL, IN THE US [and i'm figuring you're NOT in the US because you wrote apnoea ], insurance covers WLS only for people whose BMI is over 40. They'll cover it for people who have a lower BMI if they have something else going on - like sleep apnea. and you don't. I have no idea if your current sleep disorder is related to your weight, and i'm not sure your doc does, either. and it could be a 'which came first' issue.

another issue is that most people lose weight FIRST by changing their eating habits and then secondarily by exercise. Some dieticians have told me that exercise helps cover mistakes, helps keep the weight off, and improves general health. BUT alone, it's not a good weight loss method. [although something can be said for the fact that if you're exercising, you're sure not eating at the same time!]

My heart goes out to you. before surgery, i was bedridden, very desaturated, with severe sleep apnea. i feel your pain. they would NOT let me have surgery until all that was fixed.

you also say that your hormones are out of whack. that could also be a factor in weight gain and trouble losing.

it sounds to me like more time spent with a doctor who will listen to you and take you seriously is in order.
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