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hello girls

remember me? i hope so. i'm so mia, i know. i don't really know what my problem is as far as keeping up with the posts here.

anyway... as for me, things have been going superb with my weightloss. i'm really blessed with it all, to be quite honest with you. i had wi today and lost 2.6. i was shocked. it's like week 32 or something of ww... and i'm still going strong. it's just crazy. but i'm taking it as far as it will let me! hee!

i actually joined a gym recently. ballys. i was a little weary. but then i decided that i needed to. and they were having a good deal. so i did it. i've been about 4 or so times. and actually took a yoga class. i really don't think that yoga is for me, but i will try it out a couple more times. just for the **** of it, ya know? that could be good. there are a couple other classes that i'm interested in, but they're offered at like 11am on week days. and i don't think my boss'll let me go that early to the gym. oh well.

anyway, that's just a little bit on me. nothing too crazy or anything.

noelle - congrats on ww! i totally love the program, so i'm completely biased. i have a ton of recipes if you want any. some are good and some aren't. don't worry... i'll only share the good ones with you!

cristi - congrats on your your 2.5! that's awesome! i'm glad to hear that you're doing so well. keep up the great work.

alright. that's it for me. hope that you're all doing well!!
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