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You just do it, as others have said, because what's the alternative? BUT...

for me, recognizing what had been holding me back was important. There's no simple way to do this. Therapy is one way to try. Another is to read and read and read on these boards--listen to what others say about changes they've made that have helped them, then ask if you could try the same change.

For me, for example, listening to others say over and over how much exercise helped them maintain energy and positive outlook finally convinced me to get serious about exercise, and it turns out sitting on my butt too much was one of the things that was really holding me back (mostly because it was contributing to depression and poor insulin control). Who knew?

Really, really, I know what it feels like to lose and re-gain. But you know you don't want to give up--that's why you're still here talking with us. And we don't want you to give up, either, because we know that if you can make your positive changes stick, it will mean a happier, healthier life for you.

Hang in with us!

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