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Good bye July....hello August.

I posted the August thread just now in case I forget later today. The crows in the woods wake us up so early every day, I can hear them cawing right now. Where's my BB gun.

I need to get a birthday card made next, MIL's 93rd birthday today. I think I'll just buy her a birthday cupcake to take over, too hot to bake.

I posted some pictures on the August thread of our dining room. Can't remember if I posted them before. August 18th we'll get our hardwood floor installed upstairs in the loft, can't wait.

Bruce runs the dust mop over all the floors daily, unbelievable how much of Charlie's hair accumulates every day. I could knit a sweater! He loves not vacuuming anymore, no carpet anywhere in the house except for rugs by front and back doors.

Bruce purchased another Harley Davidson motorcycle, the rat. That's the last thing he's going to buy. But we're in our Golden years and if that makes him happy, so be it.

See ya in August.
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