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I did it!
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Hi All,
I'm finishing up my 2nd day on IP!!! I have about 25-30 lbs to lose. It's not much, but it's enough. I have tried other things. I exercise and play tennis, but nothing helped. I went to a nutritionist in January because I was training to do a triathlon with friends and thought this would be the perfect time to add in healthy eating and get the weight off. It didn't work. I lost some weight, but I hit a plateau and that was it. I gave up the healthy eating plan. I didn't gain it all back with all of the exercise, but some came back.
My tri is over and I started IP. Since you really can't do strenuous exercise, I had to wait to get on it. I knew all about IP because friends and my mom were on it. My mom was over 200 lbs and only 5' tall. She is 70 and needs double knee replacement. She has lost somewhere between 50-60 lbs!! I am SO proud of her!
Now about me. I'm 46, 5'3", and weighed in last Thursday at 152.8. I went ahead and went to my IP coach last week, because I wanted to start IP bright and early after my weekend of celebrating finishing the tri at my age..haha
I am more concerned about my body fat % which was 35.8%, I think. My lean body mass is pretty good. I have 99 lbs of lean body mass. I think that's a good number. Pretty much if I lose the fat, the muscles should show! I hope! However, as soon as I can, I will be going to the gym and I am going to start running and biking for another race. My pool membership is through Oct. so I will swim, too. I now have the "race" bug!
I have only been on it two days, but I have found that you really need to make a lot of different veggies instead of eating 2 cups of one or 1 cup of 4 veggies. Tonight I made ground turkey patties and sauteed mushroom, squash, and green onion (1 c total) for a topping and then I had a field salad and cucumbers. It was delicious!!! Who needs carbs??!! LOL
Anyway, I will be looking here for some tips and I love to hear the stories of success. Keep up the good work! And, with each other's help, we CAN do this!

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