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I have to disagree with some the advice above. The biggest thyroid issues with weight management are in response to low calories - low carb ad libitum should not create much in the way of symptoms for sub-clinical hypo that's already being managed.

Post starvation fattening is a scientifically observed phenomenon, unfortunately, and more related to adipokines and the hormonal feedback loop relating to energy balance within your cells than diet in general. There are ways to manage that (ketotic state being the best, actually) and essentially circumvent some of the worst of the potential energy mismanagement that could be going on in your sympathetic nervous system - but if you're already fairly metabolically deranged and add a long term eating disorder in there as well, you could be in for a rough time stabilizing below a certain weight.

I'd up your calories on training days, at the very least, and keep all else the same. Investigate with the endocrinologist and do yor own research as well. But my solution for you would be more fat, more calories, less lean protein sources (try something fattier like eggs with butter or sardines), and lower carbs, to really see if it was actually your energy metabolism that is responding strangely, versus something dietary or environmental that you just haven't dialed in yet.

Rather timely, I was reading a great blog post related to this subject just this afternoon. It may be helpful to you and isn't overly technical:

Addendum: I forgot to address that I do agree with Lolo that overtraining is the last thing you need if you're truly showing signs of dopamine insufficiency or high cortisol. If your thyroid is wonky, go VERY gently in any and all physiological changes. Hard exercise could only exacerbate things.
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