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We will be going back to the doctor in a little bit for dh's second post-op visit. He seems to be doing well. He says he can even read better but yet his peripheral vision doesn't seem to have changed (it's not supposed to, and actually is expected to decline for 2-3 years before the benefits of surgery kick in), but he swears he can see better since the surgery otherwise. I am trying to keep an eye on him because he wants to get back to bending over etc. He tries to be good but I worry about him.

Our dd and her bf came this morning to pick up our grandson. We have sure enjoyed him even though it was a brief visit. We were glad our son got to do things with him that we couldn't. And Sat was a fun day with everyone here.

We got up early as our dd expected to get here by was more like 9 but they visited with us for a few minutes at least. I had the family room dusted and vacuumed before they got here, but didn't get to the glass cleaning/dusting. I did the bathrooms when I first got up. Also got the kitchen quickly vacuumed and watered the back yard. Will have to do the rest of my "home blessing" when we get back from the doctors.

My hair is long enough for rollers now (although some parts are a little short and escape). Not sure how long I'll be able to stand it but I'm using the sticky rollers with no clips so it's pretty easy. I tend to get this big fluffy head of hair though and I'm not used to it!

Ok, gotta go turn off the sprinkler and water a few plants before we leave for the doctors. You all have a good day. Supposed to be 81 today but so far it's just pleasant out there.
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