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Good morning ladies. Today is a sad day for us. They lay to rest a dear lil boy. I'm praying so hard for those 2 parents to have strength to get thru this day and each and every day from now. Thanks for all y'all prayers.
Saturday afternoon right before dark dh and I had gone fishing for awoke and were coming home and there was a guy walking with a backpack on his back. He was so messed up he could barely walk. Staggering all over the road. He was approaching the highway. Dh said probably mess up on drugs and liquor. I thought a minute. You know the law picking him up and sobering him up would do no good because he would do it again BUT some innocent person could hit himand would have to live with himself. I then got my cell and called the sheriffs office and they were sending a unit to get him. I felt a whole lot better. That might be the way he chooses to live his life but doesn't mean an innocent person has to should they hit him.
We just about finished with ds's roof. We just have the flashing left. Then we move on to forming up to pour his concrete.
Saturday morning ds's gf picked me up in her new auto and we went shopping. She was hit from behind last week at a red light. The girl was testing and was looking down and didn't see her stop for the light. The air bag sprang her wrist and that's about all. She was very lucky he didn't shove her into the truck in front of her. Her car was a little bug is what we call them. I guess it's really called volts wagon. It's time for things to settle down here. Phew.
Ok as for the weekend I stayed on plan. Very proud of myself. I had a lot of temptations but stuck to it. Yay me.

Karen3 happy happy birthday to you. Your dh too. Hope your day was wonderful. Now to the nagging posse. I don't think it's fair that Mary gets away with her overeating and I can't. Hmm I see favoritism. Mary you're very lucky. Lol. Karen we have 2 4 wheelers here and we ride them here on the farm and we use them for hunting but we ride them very careful. Never on the road. Our ds's have always used then too but with sense. We know even driving them in the pasture there could be holes in the grass that you can't see and you will flip in a heartbeat. Dh's brother was killed in an auto accident at 18 and dh has preached to our sons about speed and safety all their lives and they knew the 4 wheeler would be taken from them until they learned their lesson if they were caught driving fast.
Hope you are feeling better. Don't mean to sound inconsiderate but Just remember there are people worse off than us. I feel like my life has passed me by always being fat and why didn't I do something earlier when it would have been easier to do.

Donna good luck with the inspection. I would love to take that bed off your hands. Just beautiful.

Karen31 I hope your Ginger gets to feeling better. Pets become part of the family and it's hard to see them sick.

Sassy I'm looking forward to getting to know you. These ladies are awesome. Even though they don't let you get away with messing up on your diet. They start hollering and gettin out that Rollin pin. Watch out. I'm glad you are getting better from your mouth ordeal. You have a lot on your plate right now with moving and starting a new life without your dd next to you it will be a big change but we are hear for you when you need. We rant and rave laugh and cry. Sometimes brag too. Nothing we've never heard. It's what makes this group so special. Welcome!!!!

Rosey we have thunderstorms all the time. I hate the lightening that come with the thunder. Very strange to me that y'all never get thunderstorms. It's funny how things that happen around you don't happen to different parts of the US.

Be back later........
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