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Originally Posted by Only Believe View Post
I think you are on to something.. You were lured into drinking that white moca from starbucks by Matisse with all her talk about espresso.. she even put up a picture remember.. They are all doing subliminal messages.. If we aren't careful we will be eating lots of carbs from messages sent by pnkrckpixikat (edited to mentioned she said carbs THREE times in her post!)and drinking beer from messages sent to us here by wannaskipandlaugh.. they've got it out for us I tell you!!! They are soooo sneaky no telling what they are cooking up next.

Gee... you guys are cracking me up! I put a picture of a zero calorie little cup of coffee and, apparently, I am guilty. Next times, it's gonna be mountains of gooey French cheeses or poutine. I could totally do that!

So I am running way behind ninae who has taken the lead, but I am still doing it, so here are my stats :

Sw 151.4 lbs
Cw 150.0 lbs
Gw 146.4 lbs

So, 1.4 lbs total. May the best win!

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