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Good Evening, Flowers!
I am on my way to bed and thought I would stop in and say "good night." It's been another windy and cold day -- 32 degrees right now and we are supposed to get some freezing rain during the early morning hours. I can do without that!

I've started my Christmas shopping! I wanted to get Ian the Fisher-Price farm set and of course, they were sold out. I did get a couple of things though and ended up in a shoe store where I finally found some shoes that I can wear right away because they don't pinch my toe. DH found a pair also and about passed out when he saw the price. But he also has a problem toe from being smashed by a hoist 33 years ago so when he finds a shoe that fits, he gets them.

Maggie -- Again, a big CONGRATULATIONS on the loss! I'm glad to hear that the fire is not close to you. I just can't imagine all of the destruction.

"Gma" -- You've had a wonderful loss this week! CONGRATULATIONS to you too! I saw the same type of Oprah show last summer (a rerun perhaps?) and I thought the inventions were kind of dumb. Right now I can't even remember what they were.

I am heading for bed. I hope you all have a relaxing weekend! Do something nice for yourself.

Jean -- in Iowa!
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