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size8 Thank you so much! Yeah having tons of healthy snacks on hand is the key to being successful in my opinion. That's too bag you don't like veggies! What about carrots sticks or cherry tomatoes? You could dip them in low cal dressing Or you could put peanut butter on celery, that's one of my favorites! Great job another 2lb loss! You're going to rock your dress at the wedding, I'm sure people will be shocked at how hot you're looking

So exercise has been on the backburner since my #1 hiking spot has had a huge fire and its too hot for desert hiking Also I'm having to fade from summer exercise mode to back to school mode. I have a really intense practice schedule planned for myself which includes getting in 6 hours per day 5 days per week for August. Thankfully playing piano does burn some calories, I think its comparable to taking a walk.
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