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Matisse I'm so sorry you're feeling so down about your weight, but with hard work you'll be back in the 40s and feeling like yourself again in no time! Thanks! Sadly, I just can't seem to get out of them though

jackiedavis87 4 days is at the same weight is NOT what I'd consider stuck! Your body can retain weight for any number of reasons including water retention from exercise, your time of month, stress, change in diet, sodium intake ect Basically our bodies are finicky but if you keep to your plan I promise you start seeing losses again soon!

So I've been taking a break from exercise. I love it so much, but I get so obsessive about Also, I have a lot of repertoire to learn for school so my time for the next month will be pretty much strictly dedicated to practicing, which is a slight workout! lol

Measurements are going down! Not sure if I mentioned it here but size 4 is starting to really become my go to size for skirts and dresses! Got a Banana Republic petite size 4 the other day from Buffalo Exchange and it still had its tags! I was so excited, and it fits awesome. Oh had a funny experience with jeans though. I decided that I'd really like to know my jean size since its been so long since I bought jeans. I tried on a pair of 27s and 26s and....the 27s were too small...but the 26s fit?! haha Guess I'll never know my jean size
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