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I'm peeking in to say hello. I have to give you three HUGE KUDO'S on your accomplishments! Wow! I remember a years back when we were all way up there. I am in awe at how dedicated you all have been with getting back to business and losing so much weight!

Miss you all. Life is very very busy and very stressful - has been for over 3 years. I closed the office tonight and now have to go to bed to get up at 5:30 am to open the office. Ugh.....I'm it for Supervisors. Weight......up from where I was when we were on here. Very depressing. I joined Weight Watchers, but haven't started seriously yet - just too damn busy.

Need to get to sleep. Nite ladies.

Oh it's been so long my photo is gone and it has been stamped 2012 when we were starting our other thread. Guess I lost my 2008 year and up. How sad is that? LOL....;-)

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