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Default 14stone. 5'3. 23years old fatty.

Hey everyone

I'm Rachael I'm 23 and as the title says I am a fat chick. I used to be 18 stone and a size 24 when I was 15. I managed to lose the weight to 10 stone but I can't seem to do it now!

I need to lose three stone to be happy with myself. When I lost 8 stone my boobs deflated so I've decided this year I will lose weight and have new boobs!

Really struggling. Only started last week no loss yet. Gym 5 times a week for a hour of cardio. Bike run etc.

Healthy food no chocolate or crisps at all n one cheat day. Saturdays !

Anyone have any more advice I don't want to be a fatty any,ore!

R x
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