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Tiff Thank you and your welcome!

Taebean I am so excited that you have received your order and are ready to get started.

Gamma I agree with everything zoesmom has said.
WS is a quick way to lose weight, but not a quick fix to lose weight. I have been in a plateau since April, but I am convinced this would have happened with any program I picked. I am older, only 5' tall, very active. These last 20 lbs are the devil to get off, but I am not quitting. They will eventually come off, and I have nothing but time. In my opinion, WS has the perfect products for those of us with a sweet tooth (). The shakes/puddings are great for that (mocha, hazelnut, chocolate cream.). The bars can take the edge off, but I usually stay away from them...they have more calories and less protein.

My shakes I blend with cold water and ice. When I do the pudding, I usually mix with diet soda, especially mocha pudding w/diet cream soda! I stay away from all cola products, but again that is me, I haven't had a cola since 1990 ..broke that addiction then and refuse to go back.

Anyways, I also recommend WS, it will definitely teach you portion control, especially if you order the cereal, (I put mine in a mug, to make it look less lonely!)

Good Luck! Let us know if we can offer any other tips or advice..

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