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Good morning ladies! Quick peek in before I am off and running for the morning. Need to get my daily chores done and I have a bit of a good book to finish!

On my other thread I am starting something that is kind of a wake up call for me. Someone brought some point up about having a box where every five lbs you pull out a slip and get the "prize" on the slip and she mentioned a food treat. Got me to thinking just how much we put food at the forefront of everything we do so I am having everyone make a list of where they pretty much ALWAYS eat that is not at the table, like at the movies, in front of the tv etc and they are supposed to pick one from the list and NOT do it for a whole month to start breaking the bad cycles. It is amazing how many places we go that eating is the main function or at least we always plan on eating. This month mine is no food while reading or watching tv because those will probably be the hardest for me to kick.

Maggie: Good luck with the old iron man. I know he will give you a good "score."

Larry is resting comfortably I guess so maybe they averted a disaster as long as he learns from this and takes off the extra lbs. It will be the only thing that is going to prolong his life I am afraid.

Jean: I heard those people that cook for others make a bundle doing it. In fact, Jack talked about starting a business doing that together when he retires. I hope I am not too old and crippled as I think it would be a fun thing to do.

Well, this is a stalling tactic so I am out of here! Have a great day ladies!

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