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I phased off to go on a 2 week road trip vacation to Florida... I gained 8 lbs (give or take a few depending on the scale) while I was gone. I originally had planned to do phase 3 while there but I was having issues with heat and not eating enough and being SUPER active (compared to what I normally am).... I watched so I didn't eat tons of junk but did have a few drinks and a few more carbs than I originally planned... oh and I drank some soda which hadn't for over a year!

The big thing is getting back on plan when you get back, I have already lost 3 lb of what I gained while I was gone (got back 2 weeks ago) and that was going back to Phase 3 eating and not getitng back to Phase 1 yet.... I have been liking fruit too much! lol

Good luck!

FYI I had been on IP for almost 8 months before my trip... and lost 88 lbs at that point.
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