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Default I decided against the cookie

I did a no-no today and that was only eat a banana before a long hour on the elliptical. I also didn't drink enough water beforehand, so I got a bit of a headache. After getting off the elliptical, I wandered over to the pantry where a package of those coconut dreams cookies were sitting (they taste like the girl scout samoas), staring at me and whispering "eat me!" I pulled the carton out of the pantry, I slid the plastic tray out, I almost had my fingers on two cookies, which would have been 110 calories.....and said "Nope, these really aren't going to fill me up." and slid the tray back in and put the carton away.

Instead I grabbed a 90 calorie Fiber One Chocolate Pretzel Chewy Bar, and that satisfied my hunger until I could eat something a bit more substantial Although I had the extra calories to use for those cookies, I couldn't justify using them for something that was not going to give me the satisfaction I really needed.

Yay for small victories!
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