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Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's been a strange day in my neighborhood -- first it was cloudy, then the sun came out and the wind started in again. Now it looks like it is going to rain any minute. I have bell practice tonight so I hope whatever it does, it waits until I am back home again.

"Gma" -- You can come and cook at my house any time you like! I like having the people around but sure hate to cook the food. My son's MIL is having their Thanksgiving this weekend because grandparents are heading south for the winter. She cooks two turkeys the day before and then reheats the slices in a roaster so the oven is free for other things. I usually get to have Christmas so can kind of sneak up on that holiday a little at a time. I'm sorry to hear about your BIL, I hope that all goes well for his recovery.

I need to start supper of some sort. DH is out on the farm so have no idea when I will see the whites of his eyes. I'm thinking a bowl of soup will do tonight.

Have a terrific Thursday!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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