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Thanks all, for the kind words about my grandma. She was a force to be reckoned with - a steady presence of practicality. In my last conversation with her, I told her that I never needed to consult "WWJD", because I had a living mentor for civilized behavior. All I needed to consider was "WWGD" (What would Grandma do?) and when I aligned with that, I never regretted it. I got a big smile for that one. Saef, she would have been a great tough-love consultant around here, kind of like Lori Bell. I think Nike decided on their "Just Do It" logo after somebody who worked for them met my Grandma. I will miss her ... but she has left an indelible legacy of strong values, independence and critical thinking.

I am still recovering from DS14's birthday party on July 5th. I had 8 12-14 year old boys for 24 hours. I made major "mom points" on that one, although I suspect I shortened my lifespan. I requested two of my close friends, whose sons represented 50% of the attendance, to sit on me and pummel me into unconsciousness if I ever suggest doing such a thing again. No one got (seriously) hurt or arrested, which apparently means a successful party.

Hoping for a quiet, normal, predictable week.
~ Becky ~
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