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Hi Freebird!

Firstly, I have been where you are (and still am actually!) We have a very similar story, I'm also South Asian and just moved back home after finishing some grad work in a different state, and man moving back home has been rough!!

When I first came home I was my highest weight, and this "weight" was the reason I didn't have a boyfriend and that I should see that my looking at all my other non overweight cousins who have boyfriend/engaged/married. Like seriously?!! Seriously?!

I have aunts and family friends make comments about my weight for as long as I can remember. Literally every gathering would be them trying to find a diet for me that I could stay on. It was humiliating. I actually went back to the motherland a couple years ago, and it was the worst experience ever! They are completely blunt, and they act as if I have no desire to actually lose this weight. Ay! I could rant all day about this! But I just wanted to say that you are not alone!

I actually had one of my aunts tell me once that my then boyfriend would "leave me if I got bigger and that I could only blame myself because I was so greedy for food", safe to say I keep myself away from these people now.

I honestly feel like they mean well, but just articulating the message in a way that's encouraging is where they completely fail. If you read some of my past posts, I've had a few rants about things my dad has said to me. My mom has been better but anytime I pick up a cookies, I get glares like I'm holding a nuclear bomb or something, it's freaking ridiculous!

I've learned to just deal with it over the years. Anytime my parents make a comment now, I just agree. Like some days I won't workout (my break day or whatever), and they'll say you should really be exercising right now, and I will just say "yeah I probably should but I know what I'm doing" since i'm actually losing now they've shut up (it sounds harsh but there is only so much someone can take!).

Anyway, didn't mean to write a novel but just keep your head up and know that you're going in the right direction, they do care, but being harsh is never the way to encourage, for some reason this is the way my parents are unfortunately!

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