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Staying the Same
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Hi everyone,

Been eating a LOT lately so no wonder I'm a couple lbs heavier than ideal. Exercise has taken a bit of a reduction too since I can't run outside due to rain/oppressive humidity and I can't bring myself to log more than 2.5 miles on a treadmill. :\ I've gotten some hiking in, weightlifting is going well, overall not bad all things considered.

Also TOM came!!!! My roomie and I both PMSed hard for like 2 weeks. We are tying up loose ends before we move (to the downstairs apt in the same building) at the end of this month. Lots going on, I just booked a trip to Chattanooga TN with Delta miles (cost me $7.50!) and will soon be reserving campsites in Cape Cod and hopefully Maine. Seeing an old friend from college this weekend too.

chahma Good luck with the move and the potluck. Weight spike is almost certainly bloat from water retention!

ange82much I gotta say I envy all the moving around you are doing - have fun at celebrity chef dinner, getting dressed up and the like! I never get my hair done professionally or anything, so it's always a treat.

aspen13 Sending good thoughts to your dad for a quick recovery. Sorry to hear of his stroke.

Leaves UGH sinus infection, get well soon! Being sick for me is either (A) EAT EVERYTHING TO FEEL BETTER or (B) eat nothing and regain it all as soon as I'm well again, hah.
Push on some more!
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