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Hey ladies! Sounds like you all have been busy!

UMMMM Meatloaf sandwiches. I haven't made meatloaf in a long time and I used to make it when the kids were still at home all the time because it was cheap and went a long ways!

Maggie: Wow I like the idea of hot italian sausage in it.

We are going to have the whole group for Thanksgiving and I am really excited. My future dil's sister and bil just moved about 10 miles away from here in Olive Branch MS from Indiana and so her mom and younger sister are coming down for the holiday and everyone is going to come to my daughter's house. I am doing most of the cooking, which is fine by me. If my friends (the lady that had the surgery) come it will be 15 people. I just love having a big group together even if that means lots of clean up. I found out though, that it works well if I debone the turkey completely keeping white and dark separate but putting it all back in the pan with the juices to keep it moist. That way everyone can get what they want and we don't have to deal with carving etc and I think you get more of the meat that way. I would like to shoot my son though. For years he had always requested that I bake sweet potato pie for him on Thanksgiving and he told his fiance he HATES it! The stuff is a pain to make and believe me if he didn't always ask for it, I wouldn't make it because no one else eats it! Somehow wires got crossed on that one!

Oh, if you are an online shopper, you ought to check out They have great stuff and some outstanding prices. I have found several things to get the kids and Jack and shipping is just $2.95!

Well, I need to get chores done and get a walk in.

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