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John - It's not so much that I'm happy with my weight, but more that I accept who I am. I would like to lose weight, but I'm not concerned about looking good at the beach, or fitting into a size 4 etc. Not that there's anything wrong with feeling that way, it's just that I'm beyond that. If I lose 20 lbs or so my blood pressure and blood sugar will go down to a healthier range and I will feel better, too.

I clicked on your link and read about your eating plan, and I think that is a very good plan. If you don't deny yourself any particular food, you don't get cravings for it and you can eat anywhere, at any function, without having to check the menu or buffet for something you're "allowed" to eat. No one would even know you are dieting. That would work very well for me if I could get portion control in line.

Torii - I agree that seeing a loss on the scale gives you incentive to keep going and lose more and sometimes it's better not to be obsessed with the scale. Just go on with your life, watching your diet and staying active, and the weight just starts to come off.

I'm less than perfect, and that's OK!

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