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Shortest day of the year already gone past here and spring is on it's way!! Actually I love winter here as it's normally sunny and temps in 70's.

Right. July is the month where I need to get into the 120's and that's my aim. The major spanner on the horizon for this one is 2 weeks holiday in UK starting on Sunday. My plan is to have 3 alcohol days when I'm there.... one the first Wednesday when it's my Dad's birthday, the second on Friday when we're staying at some friends house, the third whenever I want it!

The major discipline with this will be on the journey there and back since we're flying first class and normally I'd have a couple of champagnes in the lounge, some wine with my meals etc, especially when celebrating the start of a holiday, but my diet is more important on this occasion so I just need to remember that, and make sure the decision is made in advance so that I'm not tempting myself with making decisions on the fly ( bad pun ).

Anyway I'm going ok just now but feeling like I could do with a carb fix, which is bad. We're off out to a fancy 'celebrity chef' restaurant tomorrow so I've allowed myself a couple of drinks then too, having had only 2 beers in the last three weeks. Getting my hair done tomorrow afternoon, and bought a dress on Saturday - pretty unusual for me as I spend all my time in jeans or gym gear normally, and mining gear with steel toed boots for work!

weigh in : stick to good habits : feel good!
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