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Originally Posted by Wannabehealthy View Post
I am not despondant over this, just wanted to get my true feeling out there and not hold anything in. Like, OK, there, I said it. I am happy with myself the way I am, but I know that this weight is effecting my health and I should do something about it. I think Katy hit the nail on the head when she said that there'd be a bit of discomfort. I do not eat junk, I eat healthy foods, but I eat too much. I eat because it tastes good, not because I'm hungry. My main problem is "I'll finish this today, because tomorrow I'm starting back on plan." Then a couple days later, I'm saying this all over again. I need to change it to "I'm not hungry. I'll wrap this up for tomorrow's lunch."

I appreciate all the comments. Each person said something that hit home for me. People who have lost and maintained are to be commended. They had the mindset to do what needed to be done. I realize if I'm going to do this, it has to come from me.

We p much are the same weight and have the same goal! and I'm totally with you on this. Actually these past few days I kinda just kept track with what I've been doing, and haven't weight myself in about a month. I haven't noticed a difference so I was ready to give up till I finally got around to weighing myself and I actually lost a few pounds. After being stuck..for months.. but it made me happy and want to keep going..

I have AIM if you or anyone wants a weight loss buddy to keep each other motivated and talk..if you need help or questions! I'm sure talking to someone would be really helpful to keep you going and learning.
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