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Good Evening, Flowers!
It's been so windy today . . . anything not nailed down tight is long gone for sure.

Maggie -- The deer population in Iowa is out of control. We have so many deer - auto accidents that the state is allowing "open" season in some areas of the state. Usually the cars come out on the short end. "They" used to dispose of the deer bodies but now just let them lay and that bothers me. It's the time of year where the raccoons are out and about too. We saw lots of bodies when we were on the back roads Sunday. Maybe "your" deer won't like the peach tree.

I'm washing some bathroom rugs and will sort through some catalogs while I'm waiting for them to be done. It seems like the catalog brigade is in full force or else my name is on everyone's list this year.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! November is creeping up fast!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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