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I want to clarify, because I wasn't clear headed when I made my last reply. I hadn't noticed your weight or your sample diet very closely.

If you were severely morbidly obese with additional weight-related conditions, such as someone who has more than 100 lbs to lose and may have other health issues and/or had weight loss surgery (for example someone like myself (I haven't had wls, but I do have 175 lbs to lose, with multiple weight-related health problems).

No matter what your size, you shouldn't be on a vlcd unless you have health issues that make the risks necessary (risks that a doctor has clearly explained to you), AND you're being closely monitored by your doctor AND your vlcd would need to be designed to be far more balanced and nutrient-dense than what you've described.

Someone with a lot of weight to lose and a compelling reason to be on a vlcd (such as to reduce the risk of wls or any other surgery, or to treat other health problems or as a post wls food-plan.

In your specific case, with only 9 lbs to lose - the risks would outweigh the benefits I would think. If you're not convinced, then see a doctor and ideally a dietician to make sure you have the supervision and a nutritionally appropriate plan.

In my case, when I was on a medically supervised plan, I was seeing my doctor once a week for several months until my doctor was convinced that my health wasn't being jeopardized, and then I could start seeing him twice a month, and eventually once a month (and this was back when I was young and in good health except for the 100 lbs of extra weight that I carried).

The medical supervision, a carefully designed food plan and the willingness to accept a certain amount of risk is essential.
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