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Originally Posted by newleaf123 View Post
What's amazing to me is how much larger even single fruits and vegetables are now. The size of potatoes, bananas, apples, cucmbers etc is so much larger than before.

Also, I went to a fish market today, and my MIL bought a piece of fish for my FIL that was 1.67 pounds, I couldn't believe it! To my eye, it was enough for 4 people.

So even portion size for home cooking has gotten totally out of whack.

This totally, and they make it so much easier to choose the larger singles, too. Go to the grocery store and compare the bagged apples vs. the singles. The singles are humongous, obviously more fresh and are simply gorgeous and mouth watering, while the bagged apples are often small, bruised, and wimpy looking. And of course, the singles are almost $2.00 (with 1 apple already being half a pound or more, so $2 per apple), vs the bag of apples at $3-5.99 depending on the size bag you get. A lot of fresh fruit now adays is almost 2 servings in one, which is kinda ridiculous if you ask me. No wonder they tell you to only eat 2-3 pieces of fruit a day; when you consider the size of the fruit being sold, that's 4-6 servings which is the right amount, haha!
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