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Originally Posted by bargoo View Post
Re: Ads. My Ds had an even eerier uxperience, he was at Target picked up a few things . looked at themn but didn't buy them, now he is getting ads re : those items on his computer,. Another friend had a similar experience only his visit was to Sports Authority, now he is getting the ads on his computer.
Did he enter a "contest" or "free draw" while he was there? DH pointed out the marketing ploy masquerading as a contest to me when I intended to fill out a ballot @ the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Does he have a cell and was it on? did he text or make calls while at the store? I get the feeling there are a lot of things in people's phones that can be used by others (mostly for marketing).

And I have absolutely no proof of this nor do I spend nights tossing and turning worrying about it - I don't have any paranoid fantasies about people tracking me. My life is far too BORING! for that.

I don't have a fancy phone because I don't have anyone to call and I don't generally need to use the net @ the dog park.


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