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This is a really interesting thread, particularly because I'm in the middle of reading "Intuitive Eating" and it has already helped me turn a corner, I think

I have been getting treatment for BED, and have made tremendous progress, IMO, on the binging side. I am much better able to reduce the pre-binge anxiety and the urges to binge. When I have binged, I have been able to contain the damage to one day and get back on track, compared to the "well, I will get back to it on Monday" mindset I used to have.

My biggest challenge has been restriction. Not because I wanted to lose weight, but because of an intense fear that I would gain weight if I ate everything prescribed by the treatment team's meal plan. I have been very resistant to letting go and giving myself totally to the process.

I'm not even halfway through IE and I feel like I can do it. The center where I go teaches us that IE is the way to go but I worried so much about eating past fullness (like others have cited, I have trouble reading fullness cues). But now I understand that the meal plan is there to help me with identifying the portion sizes that are appropriate and will get me to fullness.

Anyway, I also read Overcoming Overeating and yes, IE is similar. But IE has just clicked for me. The scales are out of the house, I am choosing the foods I crave rather than just going for what I think I "should" eat, and I even succeeded in eating a donut for breakfast guilt-free (a donut challenge started my last two binges ). I still think I may be eating too much, but like clockwork, the hunger cues have popped up every 3-4 hours.

Still early days, but I feel so proud and confident. And free.
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