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Looking at the ingredients, it doesn't seem different than most diet pills out there.

Green coffee bean extract - the research on this has been sketchy, with one extremely small study.

GARCINIA CAMBOGIA - Although many diet pills add this in, there has been no evidence in studies that this assists with weight loss.

ALPHA LIPOIC ACID - This is an antioxidant found in many foods naturally but has not been linked to weight loss.

Hoodia - Unfortunately the benefits of hoodia have never been able to be captured in an extracted form. We've seen lots of evidence that products who claim to have hoodia, actually add fiber to help keep you full.

Chromium - now this seems to be the one active ingredient that might work. Chromium has long been known for having some benefits especially for those with blood sugar issues. It is generally a decent supplement for those that have PCOS.

So basically, I'd say save your money as there is nothing new here and of all the ingredients, only Chromium is the one I'd recommend especially since you have PCOS (I do as well).
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