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Hi everyone! Ive been lurking for awhile, not on 3fatchicks Ive been on here for years! But on your IE thread Like most of you Ive been on just about every diet imaginable over the years. The last two years have been the hardest. I started having so many stomach/digestive issues that I was scared to eat because I would be throwing up ALL night so I went whole wheat, lots of grains etc but the sicker I became...finally went to a specialist and found out it was gluten making me sick so I havent touched a morsel in over 7 months now. I feel much better but it was an eye opener for my health and lifestyle. Since then I e been tryinv fo reach my goal weight but I just dont have it in me to crash diet or count carbs, calories, fat or track anything Ive been drawn to IE...I just downloaded the book and also the overfed head pdf and plan on reading them tonight. I stopped counting calories two weeks ago, the first week I went a little nuts, binged a bit and gained 3 lbs. The 2nd week I lost those 3 lbs. I just really listened to my body in week 2...enjoyed my gelato to snickers etc and losg weignt, how freeing is that? So now Im ready to embrace it full time to finish losing these last 15 lbs. Ive already lost 45 lbs on a severe calorie restricted diet but like I said, Im so over all those crazy fad diets, I just want tobe healthy and fit. The only thing I track now is my exercise, which Im working the C25K program and doing HIIT on my other days. So anyway, that is me in a nutshell I look forward to getting to know you all and reaching our goals together And sorry for the typos, Im on my pho e and this tiny keyboard sucks lol

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