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I'm just emerging from nearly 2 years of unemployment [single person, mortgage, it's been ugly]. One thing that got me through it was homemade soup, especially tomato soup. I can often get those large cans of tomatoes for $1.00, and for about $2.50 total [including veggies] i get about 3-4 quarts of tomato soup. And it's real easy over the week to toss in all kinds of other things to vary it and use up what's in your house.

some add-ins: chick peas or other beans, spinach, peas, green beans and other veggies, leftover rice, some pasta, little bits of meat [leftover meatballs cut up are good].

Also, as someone above suggested, ALWAYS buy chicken with bones in it - you'll never have to buy chicken broth again. and comparison shop EVERYTHING. My local store has a semi-annual can sale, so i was able to pick up cans of green beans and corn [and other stuff] for less than fifty cents.

also, if you buy cheese, which can be pricey, always buy it on sale and buy the ones with the most flavor so you'll need less. Extra sharp cheddar, for example, rather than mild. and consider it an ingredient and not a snack.

i know things are tough these days, but you've made it this far, and you have a plan for the future, so i'm sure you'll come out of this OK.
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